Shipping & delivery
For free. Delivered to your doorstep.
And at your best convenience.


When you order a BRON & BRYDE, we ship it straight to your door, for free, so you can get riding right away.

Your order confirmed

After your order is placed and completed, you receive an order confirmation via e-mail.
When your product is in stock, delivery is made within 2 business days.

Flexible delivery time

The BRON & BRYDE team will contact you by phone to schedule a delivery appointment at your best convenience.
Once the delivery appointment set, you will receive an e-mail confirming the delivery appointment.

Ready to ride

Our products are shipped in boxes that are designed in such a way that your order reaches you in perfect condition.
When unboxing, our products are pretty much ready to ride.
All you'll need to do is unpack the bike, adjust the handlebar and saddle to fit. Don't worry, you won't have to be a bike mechanic to do it – we include all the instructions you need to get rolling. And... our lovely delivery team is always available to give a hand !

We deliver for free

Buying a BRON & BRYDE online should be just as hassle-free as picking one up at our partners. We ship all BRON & BRYDE bikes straight to you, for no charge whatsoever.

We do charge a shipping fee for accessory orders with a total value under €100, but if you order accessories along with a bike, step or scooter, you’ll get them shipped for free as well.