2 year no quibble guarantee !

All BRON & BRYDE products are covered by a 2 year legal warranty valid from the date of original purchase and is subject to the limitations below.

The warranty does not cover the following: normal wear and tear, abuse, jumping or stunt riding, commercial use or rental programs, improper assembly or lack of maintenance by the user, failure to follow the user manual's instructions, installation of power systems, damage due to a fall or accident, damage due to weather conditions, neglect, any modification of the original product, installation of incompatible or non-original parts, damage due to unsuitable cleaning agents.

A defect is defined as 'a flaw, failure or cosmetic blemish caused by the manufacturing process or material that was not consistent with the original design'. This warranty implies no strength or fatigue value beyond industry standards, nor that the product is "indestructible" if the product is pushed beyond the design and manufacturing limits.

This warranty does not include normal wear-and-tear parts: tires, tubes, cables, moving parts from brake pads and disks, springs, rim flanges/ brake surfaces, bar grips, any tapes, anti-slip tapes on footrests, etc.

Warranty of the battery is void if battery is charged or stored below +15 °C and if the battery is not charged within 2 months.

Consumers dispose over a statutory 2-year warranty on products purchased from BRON& BRYDE if this product is not in accordance with the order. During this period and within the legal limits, BRON&BRYDE provides for the replacement or repair of goods showing a defect covered as stated above. To the extent of what is possible or reasonable, you have a choice between replacement or repair. Only if replacement or repair is excessive or impossible, or impossible to deliver within a reasonable time, you have the right to a reduction or to demand the dissolution of the contract of sale.

When purchased via the BRON & BRYDE website, damage occurred during shipment of the products must be immediately and directly raised to BRON & BRYDE by sending a mail to care@bronandbryde.com.

If the issue with your BRON & BRYDE product is a covered event under the warranty, we will replace or repair the product, return it to you at our cost and we will refund the initial shipping costs you paid. If the issue is not covered under the warranty, we will provide a quote for repair costs and we will send you an invoice regarding the reimbursement of our shipping costs. BRON & BRYDE reserves the right to use refurbished/comparable value components and products in fulfilling any warranty claim.

The warranty provisions of BRON & BRYDE are comprehensive and definitive. BRON & BRYDE shall be exclusively authorized to rule on any warranty claims for BRON & BRYDE products.

BRON & BRYDE’s liability for damage resulting from defects to a BRON & BRYDE product shall always be limited to maximum the original purchase price of the BRON & BRYDE product in question. BRON & BRYDE shall therefore in no circumstances accept liability for damage caused by force majeure events, chance occurrences and/or unforeseeable events, or consequential damage, in other words for direct or indirect damage, lost profit or other losses that may result from a defect to a BRON & BRYDE product. Any liability for damage that may occur through use of the BRON & BRYDE product by third parties shall likewise be excluded. Solely the buyer or rider shall be responsible for such damage to third parties. The above limitation of liability and the exclusion of liability shall not apply to the extent that BRON & BRYDE is liable on the basis of legally compulsory regulations.