We are BRON & BRYDE.

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Nice to meet you.

With pride, dedication and an unswerving commitment to perfection BRON & BRYDE designs and manufactures the most innovative and elegant e-mobility products and solutions.

From the design labs to the manufacturing floor, we are a close team united by one desire: to work together to make your e-journey something truly beautiful.

Brussels, the heart of Europe, is our home. Our brand is present in Belgium, Luxemburg, The Netherlands and Italy and we are a fast growing brand in foldable state-of-the-art electric steps, scooters and bikes in Europe.

BRON & BRYDE is not just a brand, it's a way of living. If you're BRON & BRYDE, you're part of an extraordinary family, inspired by urbanism, art, design and ecology.

We are a brand of few words, but many deeds. We promise quality and deliver excellence, both in product as in service.

We are ambitious, bold, even slightly arrogant, what we call self-confident. We are a brand with an edge. A golden edge.

We are BRON & BRYDE.

Are you?

Discover how we make your e-journey truly beautiful