There is a reason we stand out.

Actually there are five.

An amazing attitude

“A technical product is only perfect when it’s aesthetically perfect too.”

Each BRON & BRYDE product is meticulously designed and crafted without compromise, with unrevealed attention for detail.

With BRON & BRYDE your e-journey is always an elegant and effortless pleasure.

Differently. Beautifully. With attitude.

Outstanding quality

All the BRON & BRYDE e-products have been meticulously crafted to meet your uncompromised expectations. BRON & BRYDE engineers qualitative, durable and reliable e-mobility products.

Our focus on quality allows us to produce stunning high level electric scooters, steps and cycles that lead the e-mobility market internationally.

Our knowledge and control of the design and manufacturing process allows us to manufacture the quality and the high standards you expect.

Pretty good ideas

We are shaping “intuitive mobility” with comfortable, user-friendly products and services that simplify our customers’ lives and mobility.

With innovative features, unparalleled practicality, and unique driving fun we have taken mobility in and outside the city one step further.

Comfort and safety

All our dynamic and powerfull products are CE and RoHS certified.


The BRON & BRYDE e-bikes, e-steps and e-scooters for strong characters, who don’t want to make any compromises when in comes to style, quality and comfort have the added benefit to be virtually silent and totally local emission-free.

Join us today in the revolution of green clean efficient transportation. In style!

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